Wonderful! These high definition LED screens are really skr
2018-12-28 15:27:27

Liad 1800 screen lights up the new cultural landmark of Malacca

 The expected "see Malacca" theater recently successfully concluded, Liad Group Carpenter heart of the construction of the 1800 special shaped LED glass curtain wall, the perfect show the more beautiful the visual effects of the night.

See also Malacca > Theater building surface is made up of ten thousand white scales of rhombic metal aluminum plate and 1800 special shaped arc glass curtain wall, which can reflect the surrounding environment and change independently, which is the concentrated embodiment of architectural concept.


Lehman Optoelectronic small distance COB boosts Shanghai Intelligent Transportation

 Recently, Lehman Optoelectronic small spacing COB HD display screen was successfully installed and put into use at the Intelligent Analysis and Command Center of Shanghai Jiusi Public Transportation Group Co., Ltd.

COB high-definition display technology is the latest generation of LED small spacing display technology, Lehman small spacing COB high-definition display products with higher protection performance, higher reliability. Creative visual angle technology, up and down about 170 degrees of view, viewing no dead angle, image display coverage area is larger, arbitrary angle of view perfect display.


United Building Optoelectronic 8K small distance to enter famous TV Station in the United States

 Recently, Lianjian Optoelectronics has built a set of LED HD screens with high definition and small spacing for a television studio in the United States, which can meet the high standard requirements of overseas customers by using "China Smart Building", and display its exotic demeanor by modern scientific and technological means.

The large screen of this project is installed in the studio of a certain television station in Washington, USA. The small spacing LED screen with VL1.2 specification is adopted. The screen is installed on the ground. The screen is in the shape of folding angle, the large screen is displayed around 230 °stereoscopic, and there is no gap in the joint of angle. The whole big screen is one.


Leitu shows great works: epic Great Show "Qin Terracotta Warriors"

The world's first "eighth Wonder of the World"-Terracotta Warriors as the archetype, with the history of the Qin Dynasty as the main story of the epic great show, "Qin Terracotta Warriors", held in Shaanxi Qinhuang Grand Theater premiere ceremony.

This project adopts the FEX stage lease series F3 product 390U to adopt the distributed movable control system, combines the LED display technology and the holographic imaging technology perfectly, creates the amazing grand feast.


Bako LED Sky screen moves into Huizhou's busiest Shopping Center

 Barco Optoelectronics with the latest technology to create two unique style special LED sky screen successfully lit in Huizhou.

In this project, the LED sky screen is spliced with the LED module P3 of the Barco indoor full-color display screen, and the edge is treated with the edge, forming a large LED display screen with novel design and rounded radians, with brilliant colors, excellent light color consistency and high contrast. A wide visible angle.

Yuanheng optoelectronic abnormal screen lights Shenzhen sea world bow square

 Recently, Yuan Heng optoelectronic LED abnormal display screen officially lit up Shenzhen Shekou Sea World Boat Piazza, the sea world will set off a wave of night tour upsurge.

The outdoor LED screen built by Yuan Heng Optoelectronics is an internal arc screen with a distance of 6mm and an area of 120-meter. The two sides of the screen along the line close to each side from the middle to the two sides, forming a special-shaped screen with the tip of the middle wide and both sides, and the screen body as a whole tilts downwards, because the screen body is above the door. For the mainstream audience to provide the best viewing perspective.

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