Troubleshooting the LED display
2019-04-29 16:54:15

Folding the whole screen is not bright (black screen)

1. Check if the power is on.

2. Check if the communication line is connected and if there is any error. (synchronous screen)

3. The sync screen detects whether the green light of the sending card and the receiving card is blinking.

4. Whether the computer monitor is protected, or the display area is black or pure blue. (synchronous screen)

Folding unit cell board is not lit (black screen)

1. If several consecutive boards are not lit in the horizontal direction, check whether the cable connection between the normal unit board and the abnormal unit board is turned on; or whether the chip 245 is normal.

2. If several consecutive boards are not lit in the vertical direction, check if the power supply of this column is normal.

The cell board is not lit

1. Check if the pin is connected to the 4953 output pin.

2. Check if 138 is normal.

3. Check if the 4953 is hot or burnt.

4. Check if the 4953 has a high level.

5. Check if the 138 and 4953 control pins are connected.

Unit board is not lit

1. Check if 595 is normal.

2. Check whether the corresponding pin of the upper and lower modules is connected.

3. Check if the 595 output pin is connected to the module pin.

Cell board lack of color

1. Check if the 245R.G data has output.

Leading 18, common monitoring and control measures for LED display 1. Program update

1. Use LAN or personnel to update the program on the broadcaster, safe, and need personnel to the scene

2. The extranet update program can update the program as long as it is connected to the network, increase the timeliness of program update and save on-site workload, reduce security, and remotely attack the broadcast content of the broadcaster, causing very bad consequences.

3. Solution Add a hardware isolation device in the middle of the network. Only the broadcaster has the right to cancel the isolation, and remotely control the startup of the isolation device.

Remote control and monitoring

1. It can remotely control the startup and shutdown of large screens and forcibly start and shut down the device.

2. Realize remote real-time video surveillance, and you can see the live broadcast of the live screen at any time in the place where there is Internet. Now you can realize mobile phone monitoring and view the screen status anytime and anywhere.

3. The protection measures provided in the power distribution cabinet include various protection functions such as overcurrent, short circuit, power failure, etc., and corresponding fault indication equipment, which is convenient.

4. The PLC receives the command signal sent by the network control workstation, generates various action logics, and can return the logic state and fault information of each main contact back to the network system, so that the network system implements control and monitoring of the power supply loop.
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