The principle and applicable condition of steel structure hoisting scheme of LED full color wall screen
2019-01-07 15:40:01

The steel structure installation of outdoor-advertising-led-display is a complex and comprehensive technology, which has more contents and wider scope. Combined with some steel structure projects, the basic principles and applicable conditions of steel structure hoisting scheme design are expounded, and the feasibility of conventional installation methods and corresponding technical measures are summarized.

Basic principles of lifting Scheme for Steel structure of LED full color wall display screen

Policy-based on drawings, standard as the criteria, strict implementation of relevant national production safety regulations.
Reliability-adhere to safety first, ensure the feasibility of the implementation of the program, increase its reliability.
Advanced-with the development of science and technology, new equipment emerge in the field of structure installation. Especially for large steel structure projects, the application of new technology and new technology should be popularized when the field conditions and structural forms permit, and the installation efficiency of steel structures should be continuously improved by reducing the amount of overhead work as far as possible.

Economy-A good installation scheme should be simple, suitable, efficient, low construction cost, wide range of application, and can withstand examination and test.

Application conditions of lifting Scheme for Steel structure of LED full color wall display screen

The common installation methods of space truss are as follows: high altitude bulk installation method, split-block installation method, structural slip method, support frame slip method, integral hoisting method, integral lifting method and so on.

According to the consideration of the process method: understand the structure form, structure weight, installation height, span and other characteristics, combined with the actual situation of the site as far as possible to select mature, advanced installation technology.
According to lifting equipment, first of all, choose own equipment, make full use of on-site lifting equipment, and then rent nearby.
Flip chip construction -- upside down method is a special installation technology that first up, down and down. It is suitable for structures with high aspect ratio, such as steel towers, mast and other structures.

At present, the whole lifting method mostly adopts the computer synchronous control and hydraulic lifting equipment developed by Tongji University. The technology has gradually replaced the center type mobile lifting and Jack lifting scheme, and the equipment is portable and the technology is advanced.

Rotating construction-this method is mainly used in the installation of bridges. Due to the influence of railway, highway traffic, and other special environments, such as mountains, rivers and rivers, other bridge erection methods are usually constructed by rotation method.

Integral hoisting method-it is basically similar to the integral lifting method, except that the lifting equipment is different and suitable for small and medium sized joints structure and installation.

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