The advantage of Micro LED in small spacing display screen
2018-12-10 16:44:35

At present, LED display screen (LED billboard Display) is mainly divided into indoor screen, outdoor screen and semi-outdoor screen. The main buyers are commercial space operators, which are used in public space advertising films and advertising poster rotation.

Thanks to advances in LED chips and packaging technology,  you can narrow the LED spacing for rendering images. Small spacing LED displays can have higher resolution, and viewers can feel a considerable improvement in picture quality as long as they compare and watch them with their own eyes. More and more high-ranking market buyers are also placing orders.

Compared with other display technology, small spacing LED display screen has the advantages of self-luminous, high brightness, excellent color, quick update frequency and easy maintenance, etc. By virtue of the characteristics of seamless splicing, there is greater plasticity in splicing. In the field of super-screen display, there is no other technology to match it. The main application areas include situation room, conference room, control center, arcade side and counter stand.

Advantages of Micro LED applied to small spacing display products 

With the point spacing shrinking, the cost of traditional LED packaging in the whole display module will be greatly increased. Micro-LED technology does not need to package support and metal wire, which can reduce the cost of traditional SMD-LED packaging.
Micro- LED products require high wave length uniformity, and small spacing with LED product wavelength homogenization is more demanding. At present, the LED wavelength homogenization of the blue light under the standard of mass production is required to be in the 5~12nm, but the uniformity of the wavelength of the small spacing display is in a large quantity of + 1-1.5 nm., and the high precision transfer process improves the production rate at least 99.9%. 

At the same time, the PCBs should be customized and developed with thin line width / line distance and small borehole. The ultra-high density line carries a huge amount of Micro-LED drawing elements to obtain the high quality display effect.

small spacing with LED product

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