Learn more about the basic terminology of LLED displays
2019-06-19 15:53:42
LED display screens are classified into various categories and are generally classified in the following ways.

(1) Divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor according to the use environment

The indoor screen area generally ranges from less than 1 square meter to more than ten square meters. The dot density is high. It is used in non-direct sunlight or lighting environment. The viewing distance is several meters away, and the screen body does not have sealing and waterproofing ability.

The outdoor screen area is generally from a few square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters, the point density is relatively thin (more than 1000-4000 points per square meter), the luminous brightness is 3000-6000cd/square meter (different orientation, different brightness requirements), available in sunlight It is used under direct shooting conditions, and the viewing distance is several tens of meters away. The screen body has good wind, rain and lightning protection capabilities.

The semi-outdoor screen is between the outdoor and the indoors. It has a high luminous brightness and can be used outdoors under direct sunlight. The screen has a certain seal, usually under the eaves or in the window.

(2) Divided into monochrome by color, double primary color, and three primary colors (full color)

Monochrome refers to a luminescent material with only one color on the display, mostly single red, and yellow green in some special occasions (such as funeral homes).

Dual primary color screens are typically constructed of red and yellow-green luminescent materials.

The three primary color screens are divided into full color, consisting of red, yellow-green (wavelength 570nm), blue, and nature color, consisting of red, pure green (wavelength 525nm), and blue.

(3) Synchronous and asynchronous by control or usage

Synchronous mode means that the LED display works basically the same as the monitor of the computer. It maps the computer image to the map on the real monitor with an update rate of at least 30 fields/second, usually with multi-gradation color display. Ability to achieve multimedia advertising effects.

Asynchronous mode means that the LED screen has the ability to store and play automatically. The edited text and non-grayscale pictures on the PC are transmitted to the LED screen through the serial port or other network interface, and then automatically played by the LED screen offline. Generally, there is no gray. The display capability is mainly used to display text information and can be multi-screened.

(4) Divided by pixel density or pixel diameter

Since the LED dot matrix module used in the indoor screen has relatively uniform specifications, it is usually divided according to the pixel diameter of the module: ∮ 3.0mm 60000 pixels / square meter ∮ 3.75mm 44000 pixels / square meter ∮ 5.0mm 17000 pixels / square meter

The pixel diameter and pixel pitch of the outdoor screen are currently not very uniform. There are about 1024 points, 1600 points, 2000 points, 2500 points, and 4096 points per square meter.

(5) According to the display performance can be divided into

Video display: generally full color display

Text display: generally single color display

Graphic display: generally dual-color display

Market display: generally digital tube or single primary color display;

(6) According to the display device can be divided into

LED digital display: The display device is a 7-segment digital tube, which is suitable for making clock screens, interest rate screens, etc., and displaying digital electronic displays.

LED dot matrix graphic display: The display device is a dot matrix display module composed of a plurality of uniformly arranged light emitting diodes, and is suitable for playing text and image information.

LED video display: The display device is composed of many light-emitting diodes, which can display various video files such as video and animation.
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